Environmental and Social

Vision: Thor Impex is committed to developing renewable wind energy in a manner which limits impacts to the environment, biodiversity and local community interests and in a manner that supports the health, safety and security of all its employees and those working on its Project

Wind Park Bogoslovec has been developed following national laws and regulations and the environmental and social requirements of International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards (PSs) 2012. A national EIA study and Environmental Approval has been obtained and supplementary studies to align with good international industry practice.

During development we have collected baseline information on birds and bats, ecology and socio-economic matters and undertaken assessments relating to noise, shadow flicker, traffic and biodiversity. We have developed an environmental and social management system to oversee the development, construction, and operational activities of  the Project so as to develop a project that reflects our project polices and codes.

Enviornmental and Social Policy – download .pdf

Health and Safety Policy – download .pdf

Local Content Policy – download .pdf

Labour Commitment Policy – download .pdf

Thor Impex is committed to developing renewable wind energy in a manner that maximises project benefits by integrating local content into the project supply chain”

Positive impacts are expected to:

  • Contribute to the renewable energy goals set out in the Macedonia Energy Development Strategy (2030)
  • Increased use of non-renewable sources to improve energy diversity
  • Reduce reliance on imported energy and improve energy security
  • Contribute to goals for limiting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provide socio-economic benefits to local community (employment / investment)

Read the project Non-Technical Summary here [click here to read .pdf].